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  • Meghan Douglass

Cute Quick Easy Flower

This flower is super quick and easy to do and extremely effective. It will add a pop of colour and uniqueness to and project that you want to stand out from the crowd. In the above picture I've added it to my cactus but you could add it to a kitten or teddy in any number of colours, the world is your oyster. I also have a step by step video tutorial you can follow along with.


You can use any yarn you have lying around for this pattern. I love making it with chunky and plush yarns but can also be made with thinner. The beauty of this flower is you can use up some of those annoying bits of scrap yarn you hav lying around.

Other Materials

  • Crochet hook, size appropriate to chosen yarn (I would recommend one or two sizes smaller than the recommended size on yarn label)

Abbreviations and Stitches

  • MR: Magic ring

  • SC: Single crochet

  • HDC: Half Double Crochet

  • DC: Double Crochet

  • Sl St: Slip Stitch

If you want help with any of these stitches please check out my tutorial videos.


5SC in a MR

Into the first stitch (SC, HDC, DC, HDC, SC, Sl St) repeat into the next 4 stitches then close.

It can be difficult fitting so many stitches into the same space so don't rush and take care when looking for the next space so you don't accidentally miss one.

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