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  • Meghan Douglass

Bo Bo the Bobble Bear & More

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I am so excited about the release of this pattern. I absolutely adore how this little bear turned out. I wanted to create an adorable little bear that was quick and easy to work up. I know I love no sew patterns because they are so much less fiddly and easier to make lots of fast so are great for market preparation. And seriously, who could resist the adorable chubby little bear?

This pattern can be worked in any thickness of yarn to create different sizes. the ones pictured above are in a thick blanket yarn but with a thinner yarn it also makes an adorable key ring. I'm making a heap of these with sewn on eyes for party bags for my daughters first birthday.

If you want something a little different to all the bees and axolotls out there and back to the classics then you'll love this little guy. The pattern is available from my Etsy store.

Since releasing this pattern I have managed to publish a few more patterns as well including a rubber duck and a cactus. I hope you check them out and give them a shot. I would love to know what you think about them and if you could tag me on instagram at @megs_crochetcritters I would love to see your finished products!

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